Week 1. And So It Begins.

Another extension of my journey of learning and self discovery.

On two fronts at least.  The immediate (and most pressing) challenge is technology and overriding one is personal development (and being okay with what I learn and uncover).

Despite feeling slightly apprehensive about the technical challenges headed my way (this whole social media engagement ‘thing’ ie  Twitter and WordPress totally baffles me) I am encouraged by the thought that I will at least be expanding my appreciation  of  the technicalities of same as well as the peculiarities and specifics of blogging and tweeting… something I had, until now, managed entirely to avoid.

The saying ‘With Change Comes Challenge’ is playing like a Top40s hit, in the background thoughts of my mind … along with ‘how will I juggle this?’ and ‘can I do this?’  as well as ‘there is no real option for me BUT to do this!’ .

I have no full idea as to the depth or intensity of the journey I am about to commence upon but I fully anticipate it will see me through a complete rollercoaster of emotions requiring earnest reflection. steadfast focus, dedicated planning and loads of hard work.

How I come out on the other side remains to be seen : one thing I am sure of is that this experience will be unlike any other I  have ever embarked upon!!

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Author: Masterkey With Me

Mum to 3, happily married, blessed with fantastic family and friends ♥ creating a future, from a place of integrity and authenticity! I feed my passion for helping others by sharing how they can turn everyday expenses like phone, internet, energy (and more) into residual income streams!

1 thought on “Week 1. And So It Begins.”

  1. NB.. my journey will be so much more fulfilling, rewarding and complete if you choose to connect those moments and points, in my learning experience, which bear relevance or significance to you … I beg you to please appreciate that every ‘perspective’ shared offers the opportunity to potentially delve deeper and move forward for those who read of it. #Thankyou @Thankyou


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