Week 2. Habits.

It is very easy to do, or not do, a requirement attached to the implementation of a new habit. Various distractions and niggling doubts tried to edge their way into my cognitive thought – however self-sabotage was not something I was prepared to permit on my path at this point.

‘In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.’  – Og Mandino

As my week progressed, and I wove my way through the process of consciously introducing new habits into my daily regime, I was determined to remain mindful of any subconscious resistance to performing these new habits in their required application.  In the process I realised, like most people, I am a creature of habit.  I’m tempted to add the term ‘the good, the bad (…and the ugly)’ .. but you’re only just getting to know me so I’m not quite ready to unleash that hairy beast just yet! 😉

It is very easy to do, or not do, a requirement attached to the implementation of a new habit.  Various distractions and niggling doubts tried to edge their way into my cognitive thought – however self-sabotage was not something I was prepared to permit on my path at this point. To be consciously aware of this reality and choosing, with determined decisiveness, to not succumb to the ease and familiarity of allowing distractions to impact or impair the performance or implementation of the newly learnt habits was an interesting experience.  Identifying and consciously acknowledging my previous tendency to excuse myself and justify my subconscious’ ability to influence my engaging in distractions – thus veering from being on point in manifesting the new habits I desire to acquire –  in the moments, as they presented, was curiously entertaining.

Growth springs from the willingness to submit and surrender to an experience.  Just as the seed is sown in order for the plant to grow and the flower to bloom I must acknowledge the desire, and need, for acquiring a range of new habits in order to create new neural pathways, empower my mindset, hone my skills and master myself, my craft and ultimately, my life.

Awareness. Acquiring an altered (and improved) reality created by habits. Changing habits.

I am struck by the very profound quote ‘Proper Prior Planning Promotes Peak Performance’ more especially as I prepare for an significant interstate conference this week : how will I master the demands and requirements of my newly added habits woven in and amongst the logistics and responsibilities associated with my attendance at the conference?  Prior Planning. Scheduling Myself.  Channelling My Inner-No-Nonsense Take-No-Prisoners Subconscious-Stealth-Ninja!

Habits. Changing Habits.  Like many, like few –  I choose to do what I know I must, in order to become.

Gotta’ say, I’m slightly impartial to the writings of Og Mandino, with pleasure I leave you with this Og-ism, relevant as it is, to this process and my journey:

‘Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.’ Og Mandino

I Will Be The Hero In My Own Journey. I Encourage You To Be The Hero In Yours.




Author: Masterkey With Me

Mum to 3, happily married, blessed with fantastic family and friends ♥ creating a future, from a place of integrity and authenticity! I feed my passion for helping others by sharing how they can turn everyday expenses like phone, internet, energy (and more) into residual income streams!

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