Week 9. Universal Laws. The Law of Practice. The Law of Growth.

‘Suppose, then, we desire to change conditions, how are we to bring this about? The reply is simple: By the law of growth. Cause and effect are as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of material things.’

In my Pre-MKMMA life (hereinafter referred to as my PML)  I would occasionally succumb to windows of time where I experienced scattered consciousness  – you know what I mean, the whole ‘Oh my giddy aunt, my plate is full and overflowing – how will I possibly fulfil all of my obligations and requirements – and SURVIVE ?!!’.

Sound familiar?

What I have come to understand is that whilst I have always had absolute belief and true fidelity to the ultimate outcome, (ie. the goal I had in my mind), PML, I haven’t necessarily had full control, mastery of, and-reign, on the skills I needed to acquire (and apply) in order to achieve my ultimately desired outcomes.

It’s one thing, in life, to have the skills, capacity and conviction but it’s completely another to have a viable method in order to manifest the intention.

We’ll call it the Law of Practice ‘eh?!   And, somewhat ironically, the flow on effect would be, the Law of Growth!

Understanding that everything in life, in this Universe within which we live (exist- cohabit, whatever and etc)  is synergistically linked .. is a huge advantage in terms of recognising your connectivity to it all.chess-its-your-move

which leads me on to my next point : that of the Law of Growth; which, coincidentally, occurs organically, once you are invested in your authentic path of learning  and being truly connected to your ultimate purpose!  Holy Moses – Right??!!

This week I was exposed to a new consideration of the concepts associated with the whole left brain v  right brain thinking!  Talk about an eye-opener (at one level) and yet, reassuringly, offering me comfort and peace of mind at a more innate core level, aligning with my longheld thoughts on the matter.

We are told, by so-called experts, that we – the people – are either left brain or right brain influenced!  The general consensus, in requiring us to believe that we are either left-brain led OR right-brain led in our interactions, philosophies, mindset and actions; does us a great disservice and, in fact, a HUGE disservice to our thought process in general.  And I say a PHAT- and FABULOUS – PHOOEY to that misnomer : what a crock!!

What I can confirm, (with thanks and gratitude to MarkJ, the FabDavene, DaynaTheWunderkind, Dr Derek (AND their awesome team of evolved leaders and guides), is that it has come to light that the left-brain-influenced people need facts, figures and numbers in order to determine the merit of a situation or opportunity …whereas, the right-brain-influenced people only require a visual overview of the concepts, feelings and cognitive image of the dream(s) … as initial drivers … with validating of interlinking to further connect concepts … but both left-brain and right-brain influencers required elements core to their opposite strengths!! MIND-BLOWING YEAH?!  or just ANOTHER epiphany .. the whole ying-yang synergistic energy component that I have been continuously advised by trusted others to ‘suppress’ : why on earth do I go against my innate inner counsel with others who don’t have the ultimate outcomes I desire??!! (Note For Self and Future Self Blog-Categoristions : #HelloCall #Epiphany #Non-Brain-Fart-Moment!!  .. lol right : ‘cos you must learn to laugh at yourself and your perceptions to really appreciate and enjoy THE LAW OF GROWTH : Holy ShitSticks Batman!! It’s there again!!)

FINALLY!!!!, I get ME – and it makes COMPLETE SENSE (never thought I’d express that aloud – or in bold font!!) at so many levels.  I have completed many so-called tests on the whole left-right brain process … with varying degrees of the same result … BUT  I get the absolute imperativeness, that is to say:
– the power of thought : understanding the need for inter-connectivity of both aspects of the brain; ie the requirement to compliment and combine the concepts of amalgamating the visual and logical aspects of both of the left and right brain strengths to further edify, or, sync+link, if you will, ie the *corpos callosum (which unites each of the left and right brain, in a strengthening manner, edifying the connection and counter-support of each concept of processing ie logic, literal, facts + visual imagery, concepts and feeling!!!)

HOLY MOLeY – this STUFF needs to be SUPER UBER FED to our university students studying psych, business YOU NAME IT – we need to share this with EVERYONE with a heartbeat : imagine the difference in the outcomes of  SOOOOO many within our interconnected Worlds??!!!

ThankYOU MarkJ and the Fabulous Davene : you are truly in service to your passion and purpose, creating your tribe, spreading awareness and understanding and dispelling communal self-limiting beliefs !! Thankyou, Mahalo, Graci, Danke .. from every level, from every core : I thank you from my heart : you are both amazing facilitators of change!!


Speaking of THE WORLD: There’s a saying, which is like a symphony playing to my ears when Mark J says it:  The World Within Creates The World With Out’.
Focus on this:  #idealisation #visualisation #manifestation #materialisation

That Which You See Is That Which You Attract or Mirror.

If you have been fortunate – or, driven – to be blessed with access to the works of #TheGreat  W.Clement Stone, (who made Napolean Hill the fabulous success he became – just, b t w )  you may be blessed with the truly life-changing knowledge, that is, #THINK +AND+ #GROW, #RICH.    (If you have read this book, and understood – IT’S AN EXERCISE : YOU are truly blessed… please share your thoughts in the comment section).

And Me, After an Exceedingly Challenging Time in Penning This Particular Blog Post, Is Off to Quaff Some Champagne !  and Reflect!  I Wish Every Single Person Reading This Post an Exceptional Journey and Fulfilling Life #Blessings2Uall xx

Author: Masterkey With Me

Mum to 3, happily married, blessed with fantastic family and friends ♥ creating a future, from a place of integrity and authenticity! I feed my passion for helping others by sharing how they can turn everyday expenses like phone, internet, energy (and more) into residual income streams!

13 thoughts on “Week 9. Universal Laws. The Law of Practice. The Law of Growth.”

  1. Great post… I bumped into W Clement Stone completely by accident 25 years ago. Picked up the Success System that Never fails in a second hand book shop. I never realised what I had although I should have done because those little hinges that swing big doors made a huge difference to me at the time. The penny just never dropped with me that it would keep on working and there really was no limit and although I achieved what I set out to achieve when I picked up the book I should have gone on for more and more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Robert, thanks for sharing – that’s awesome! What was he like in person? I hear his voice in my mind the exact way MarkJ used to say it during the Go90Grow sessions! I love smart minds! Thanks again for reading my post … I found it challenging to put my thoughts on paper 🙂


  2. Sorry I seem to have led you astray there…I never met him in person…I just mean I picked up the book and used it successfully…I guess I do that a lot, talk about people whose books I read and whose audio I listen to as if they are my personal mentors. Sometimes though, I do actually feel like they are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh Robert, that is funny – I did feel a slight envy at being on the wrong Continent at the wrong time lol!

      Yes, I so totally get what you are saying about personalising mentors and those we follow Rob. I think when you admire people for their talents and skills it can be a little like that 🙂


    1. Gee Adam thankyou – that is really very kind of you! Gratitude is definitely there and the ‘joy’ element is probably more a sense of relief that this is the case ie I am starting to understand the concepts etc.


  3. I love your writing style in this post – so much energy and positivity! Being in Asia for so long, I especially picked up on your reference to the yin-yang concept – it so definitely applies to what we are undertaking. Congratulations on writing such an eloquent thread of thoughts; I’m inspired!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gee Rob, sincerely – thank you for your compliment; I am grateful to you. Yes that whole concept of balance is just ‘out there’ once you come to that realisation .. I appreciate your thoughts and comment 🙂


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