Week 13: Thought. Raw. Confronting. Calm. Comforting.

Life is All About How We See It.

It will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Thought has consumed me, in every cell and at my core,  this Christmas especially.

Cognitive, consciously considered, deliberately delving, directly evaluating examples of the creative power of thought.

It’s a curious thing to be the silent observer ūüĎĀwatchingūüĎĀ the play of people fall in, out and amongst it all – the wash of interaction and energy exchanged, with conscious thought .. or, without.


The proverbial ‘fish out of water’ – ever felt like this guy?

This Christmas I was mindful of  playing the part of non-judgmental observer. A tall order?

At times I felt like the proverbial fish out of water ..but just like the dude in this pic,  I learnt to flip my tail on the sand also!  End result?

I appreciated the Law of Forgiveness more soundly – I could see how deep hurt, transformed into bitterness, impacted health .. and sadly, that that person’s true healing was denied them until they embraced the law of forgiveness.

Additionally, it made me think on the Law of Attraction and how like attracts like.

I give gratitude to the Law of Dual Thought and for the positivity it has offered another when faced with very confronting health issues : people are amazing if they allow themselves to be РThe Laws of Polarity and Relativity were certainly front of mind.

The Law of Cause and Effect was evidenced, made even more signficant, because all opportunity had forever passed to right wrongdoings for one person : the irony being that that person exists, consciously aware, of the harm they have occasioned to others but choosing, so it would seem, to segway mentally into a void of escapism Рdisassociating responsibility from reality.
Holy Moses!! The actions, behaviours ¬†and hurts they have occasioned, no longer impact me – this awareness was a freeing discovery for me personally .. but then, again, I give gratitude to the Law Of¬†Forgiveness … much can be said for the true peace of mind which heals past trauma, allowing you to¬†move¬†forward in a truly¬†present state.

I have been failing fabulously at applying myself diligently to all of the reads, citing ‘The Gal in The Mirror’ and keeping up with many of the various requirements over the course of the last ten or so days, and that’s okay – I’ll ‘do-be-do’ better from here on in!

I Am The Hero Of My Own Journey‚ú®

Speaking of Heroes, two awesome depictions  to hopefully lighten the otherwise heavy tone of this blogpost)  spring to mind

ūüöā¬†Golden Books, ‘The Little Red Caboose’ and ¬†ūüź† Dory, ¬†from ‘Finding Nemo’ ¬†…. so just like they did :

I’ll just keep swimming, swimming, swimming; just keep swimming .. because ..
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ‚ú®

Hugs xx


Author: Masterkey With Me

Mum to 3, happily married, blessed with fantastic family and friends ‚ô• creating a future, from a place of integrity and authenticity! I feed my passion for helping others by sharing how they can turn everyday expenses like phone, internet, energy (and more) into residual income streams!

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