Week 20: Defining Silence. I Am.

In Part 20 of The Master Key, Haanel writes:
9.  But perception will come only in the Silence; this seems to be the condition required for all great purposes. You are a visualising entity. Imagination is your workshop. It is here that your ideal is to be visualised.


I am certain, dear reader, at one time or another, like most people, you have been met with the phrase, ‘the silence was deafening’ …well, in recent times this phrase has resonated anew, for me, and that is with the perception and understanding that has aligned in my headspace, as a result of the masterkey journey, and experience, which we have jointly embarked upon: I realised  the silence, is, in actuality, defining .. of mindful intuitive clarity, of manifestation of that visualisation into known existence and felt reality.


The value of the sit, my supreme inner requirement for the imperativeness of the sit (and my physical, spiritual and mental demand for my compliance with the now daily sit): the significance of the pivotal role the sit plays in my daily visualisation and manifestation is not lost on me!

In the past, of an evening, arriving home from a day at work, I used to love kicking off my heels and peeling off stockings and walking out of our home and grounding myself .. feeling the cool of the soft grass beneath my feet; my daughter, Georgia, and I would do this together (except she’d kick off her school shoes and socks), and we’d talk about our day, gaze at the early evening stars and cement what I would make for dinner .. always we’d cook with colour lol ..it was part of our daily routine, feeling the energy from the ground beneath our feet.

In the same way as I, in the past, would fulfil my own personal craving for walking on sandy beaches or floating in the ocean .. letting my  body, mind and soul reconnect with nature, realigning my energy with that of the Mother Nature; it is curious that since implementing the daily sit, (as part of the requirements of the masterkey course), that I find myself experiencing the same level of universal synergetic connectivity – I feel more intertwined with the person I am meant to be and grateful for the calming peace and strength I feel as a result.  I Am. Defining. My Future Reality.once-was



Author: Masterkey With Me

Mum to 3, happily married, blessed with fantastic family and friends ♥ creating a future, from a place of integrity and authenticity! I feed my passion for helping others by sharing how they can turn everyday expenses like phone, internet, energy (and more) into residual income streams!

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