Week 21: Thought. The World Within.

Have you ever stopped to think – or reflect – why it is, that for some people, life can be in a seemingly constant ‘rinse, repeat‘ cycle of frustrating sameness – be itdeemed good or bad…. whereas, for others, life is a constant journey of delicious discovery, marvellous wonder, exhilarating exploration and enthuuuuusiastic experience?

I’m not sure if you’re a lot, or just a little, like me .. maybe that is irrelevant and I am just pondering aloud, online, wanting to make myself feel okay about thinking this?  I guess I put that question out there to gauge if, perhaps, I am like other people, because this thought-scenario has crossed my mind, at various times – not just recently, as a result of the masterkey experience, but before, during the course of a number of years during my lifetime.


Have you ever crossed paths with, or know of, a select individual who is, literally, seemingly, coaxed or colluded, into haphazardly repeating the same day over and over, throughout the course of their life – with the exact same precise outcomes playing out each and every time; and yet with the expectation of a potentially different outcome?

It is curious that my understanding and growth, from the lessons of this masterkey course, have caused me to consider, and reflect upon, whether these individuals (and yes, I am hugely cognisant that I know more than just one person seemingly like this) are so compellingly subconsciously addicted to this felt-known cycle that they blindly continue to subject themselves to varying degrees of self-sabotage through patterns of negative self-talk, thoughts, action and behaviour.  Does their anticipation of matters, events or goals going awry, or not to plan, connect, collude and align with their subconscious visualising less than desirous outcomes, and; do those thoughts and visualisations become manifested through their marred perception of their reality?    Holy Moses!  That was a freak to transcribe!

I mean, I get that everyone, or most people, face personal battles – or challenges – and that this is part of the process we call ‘life’.  I get that we all, or most people – at least, have choices and decisions to make which influence pathways in which they can then move forward or, for that matter, sideways, backwards or stay fixed ..and unmoving.  If, even, in  the process of staying fixed and unmoving, they are still in motion, in a manner of speaking, they are a cycle of circling nothingness – say what?!   .. because if everything is energy, and if energy is always a constant, then our energy to stay fixed and unmoving is still energy spent and so then, in a sense, the energy remains in motion.



img_5356And that’s where I’ve been at folks, third person observations rambling inside my conscious awakened mind.

Is my purpose from the masterkey experience to be a connector, linking others to the masterkey experience, or to continue heightening my own personal cognitive recognition and understanding (thus impacting, bilaterally, but passively), in both a conscious and present manner, for both my personal and business life, for the benefit of my connection to others?  Or, is this for me to facilitate – and just be – the non-influential presence for others seeking to pursue self-direction personally further, rather than enhancing my own personal course.  Deep? Delusional? Distracted? Disjointed?  I sense all of these D’s are dancing in my rainbow at the moment.

(No, it’s not naughty o’clock and I’m not quaffing champers, just letting my mind fly freely as my fingers attempt to convey the mental narrative that is this collation of wordspew lol; and, whilst I am sure I understand what I am saying, I am not entirely convinced I am conveying this accurately.  That said, you are most welcome to pen your thoughts and share in this alliance of our collaborative journey xx)




Author: Masterkey With Me

Mum to 3, happily married, blessed with fantastic family and friends ♥ creating a future, from a place of integrity and authenticity! I feed my passion for helping others by sharing how they can turn everyday expenses like phone, internet, energy (and more) into residual income streams!

10 thoughts on “Week 21: Thought. The World Within.”

  1. I know several people who self-sabotage their life. My co-worker is constantly speaking negative into her life and thus getting negative and bad things seem to always happen to her. I have tried to relay positive affirmations to her and she gets it sometimes, but still speaks negative. I just pray for her and hope she sees a difference in me. She has said to me that nothing bad ever seems to happen to me. Hmmm! Wonder why?

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  2. It looks like putting your thoughts into words is helping you gain an understanding. I’m so glad that you are using this wisdom in your own ventures, if you observe with love then I’m sure positive energy will flow.

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