A Little About Me

Mum to three (Georgia, Isaac and Eli); Wife to Gary and blessed with Fantastic Family and Friends – I believe creating a future from a place of integrity and authenticity is fundamental in order to truly honour and fulfil your potential!

I am grateful for my lifestyle which enables me to actively facilitate the learning journeys of both of our sons through homeschooling as well as enjoying the many benefits attached to owning my own global ecommerce business!

After more than 20 years of working within the confines and limitations of the world of corporate legal I came to the realisation I had no desire to refi-profile-picturn –  I no longer desired the ball and chain weighted salaried existence.  I knew I could make a difference if I looked to push myself out of my comfort zone and explore what life had to offer (very much at the prompting and support of my husband).

In my very heart of hearts, I knew that I was most happy when I was of value and service to others  – it gave me joy to know I had played a role (irrespective of size) in helping another.  In my heart of hearts I knew that, in order to be truly fulfilled, I needed to find an opportunity where I could connect with as many people as possible and where I could offer the most significant amount of high-end value.  The question remained ‘what to do?’.

One thing I have discovered, during the course of the past 8 years, is that you should never be closed to opportunities as they present themselves and, further, that opportunities present themselves in the most peculiar and random of challenging manner .. but that, in hindsight, so many different opportunities show signs of interconnection and relevance – the whole universal harmony thing.

In and amongst this journey I was blessed to cross paths and connect with amaaaaaazing people from ALL walks of Life, Educational Exposures, Backgrounds, Belief Systems and Philosophies … and I realised to be fully evolved meant I needed to be fully invested (both in my head and in myself) ..in order to be of the highest service not only to myself, but to my family ..my friends ..my business partners and colleagues.

And So It Goes. I Am Here.  Soul Bared. Ready to Share (not prepared,  per se, Just Ready .. And Willing .. To Submit Myself), hollus bollus, Into the Rebirthing of The Infinite Person I Was Born To Be …the best version of myself.

I Don’t Promise This Will Be A Pretty Journey – I Do Give My Word It Will Be An Honest Account and Sharing of The Journey I Now Submit Myself To.


10 thoughts on “A Little About Me”

  1. Thanks for looking at my About Me , it now gave me to connect a chance to find out about you , and I like what I read.. look forward to be part of your Journey …Happy New Year

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