My Definite Major Purpose

Some people have not yet branched into deciphering or determining the personal pivotal needs (‘PPNs’) essential for aligning the mindful requirement to achieve their definite major purpose.

To have a clear appreciation and understanding of the 7 personal pivotal needs core to us all:

  1. Autonomy:  the freedom of self-determined choice in order to effectively enact and enlist your desires, dreams and goals ie your timetable, your desires, your destinations, your agendas.
  2. Helping others:  being of service to others, in the knowledge that you are improving the circumstance of one (or many) –  knowing that your contribution to others  is far more significant than awareness or acknowledgement of the role  you played in being of service.
  3. Legacy:  opportunity to create significance indicative of your whole-of-life accomplishment  –  of materialistic, monetary or spiritual substance -a token representation of the worthiness of your achievement(s).
  4. Liberty:  freedom of choice as a result of no financial limitation : money is but a resource to be used for the betterment of all .. 
  5. Recognition for creative expression:  publicly acknowledged  – or known –   for all expressions, creations or happenings which honour purpose
  6. Spiritual growth:  Enduring acceptance and unwavering connection to God – action, belief, conviction, faith
  7. True health:  enjoying the benefits of a consciously viable body, free of all cellular and immuno-suppressing effect; fit and able to participate and partake in quality lifestyle, enjoyment of life and physical activity.

Those people undertaking the journey of self-direction and self-discovery (through the course, also known as, ‘the MKMMA ‘ )  will have been considering the personal pivotal needs key to them (at that moment uniquely relevant to each such person) in terms of determining the course of the path necessary for them to attain the goals they had determined essential to the core of their being aka  their definite major purpose (or DMP for short).

Typically speaking, I am not one for bearing my soul  to the World .. I mean, that is not to say that I don’t share my offerings, gifts and intricacies freely but, rather, that I cherish that which keeps me focussed, functioning and fully on point – and, consequently, I tend to keep that sacrosanct (for I had learnt, from a young age, that vulnerability was determined as weakness … whereas, now, I acknowledge and appreciate that vulnerability actually lends itself to STRENGTH – at all levels – for once vulnerable, and openly so, you are forever strong .. because you have bared your whole soul self .. to the WORLD .. and, more importantly, continued to function, survive and, dare I say it – flourish!!

And, so, it is with a HUGE level of vulnerability, that I surrender myself to the process of sharing my DMP with you *Dear Reader Of My Blog*…
(nb.   I will footnote, directly following on from my DMP, for the purpose of clarity  – a couple of key points, for the sake of concise understanding.)

__**–**__  __**–**__   __**–**__  __**–**__


Organically connecting with so many open-minded people easily enabled me to share our opportunity with visionaries who understood the immediate value for anyone open to same.  Sharing successful client acquisition, business building and language skills learnt from Master Mentors, helped each amazing servant-minded leader qualify 10 excited empowered and engaged ETLs weekly.  Our quality training and consciously mindful in-service leadership focus for each Team member cemented dynamic and explosive growth; soaring my sustained monthly income base to a solid $15,000 before 15 March 2017.

Creating my Lake Moogerah retreat, overlooking the Great Dividing Range, by 30 November 2018, fulfils the legacy I wish to endow my family – blessing my children, and their children with an abundant self-sustained safe haven.  Pursuing my passion for permaculture and farming healthy thriving livestock and food crops meets all of our nutritional requirements and we enjoy pure spring water from our permanently flowing stream.

Building both a Centre of Care and Sanctuary Retreat before, 31 January 2020, fills me with peace of mind knowing that I can facilitate contribution to those in need.

I manifest the habits and requirements essential to maintain and sustain the fantastic freedom of my incredible lifestyle – blessed; grateful and humbled to know I am instrumental in helping positive change be the choice for the many who are open to it!


My sustained financial success blesses us with annual 3 month immersions, during peak season periods, in Great Britain, Canada, Russia and The Netherlands– affording us renewed perspective on the architecture of history; solidifying amazing bonds and making incredible memories.

I cherish the freedom of being financially unencumbered; pursuing interests, mastering passions and living an abundant, substantial life!

I enjoy quality moments bonding with my daughter and baby grandson and love that his birth is forever interlaced with the solid bond that has always existed with Georgia and I!

I LOVE working my business from home!

I THRIVE from my reflection time, manifesting my sit, cocooned by the soft trills from the local kingfishers, kookaburras and magpies. I AM GRATEFUL for the beautiful green and blue skyscape WHICH IS MINE to enjoy.

Blessed by God I am humbled to be of service to my Family, Friends, Team Mates and Peers.

I AM living MY dream!

__**–**__  __**–**__   __**–**__  __**–**__

NB Centres of Care |  Sanctuary Retreats
In sharing my DMP I understand I also share my soul and sensitivity for those I love and care for (or whom I have crossed paths with).

In this respect, part of my DMP lays in the provision of both Centres of Care (for homeless people and troubled youth) as well as Sanctuary Retreats (for Emergency Services and Defence personnel impacted by post traumatic stress).

Centres of Care
Over the course of the past 20 years I have seen, firsthand, a great number of vulnerable people who have been disowned by our society and, disempowered, in the process. I believe if we actually honour these people, by showing them love and respect for their journey, that we can help them on their path of reconnecting as functioning and fulfilled contributing members of society.

The most highly impactful personal experience of this was when my husband and I encountered a homeless man, during winter, seeking shelter in a bus shed *he was our age* !!  We bought him food and asked him if we could bring him home to share dinner with us;  over mealtime he shared he had lost his wife to terminal disease; his children to ‘the system’ (as a result of his grief)  – and he just couldn’t find the will to function and,  get back up again. He showered, washed clothes and accepted some clothing, shoes and a swag from Gary. He had gentle blue eyes and his name was David.

It is my goal to create a safe place where the homeless and troubled are able to go, be fed, nourished, respected and be safe.

Sanctuary Retreats

I am blessed with 3 brothers : each have chosen their paths – one an oncology professor and lecturer; one an commercial refrigeration air-conditioning electrician and the other, an electrician turned policeman (now, detective).

Our emergency service personnel are subjected to so very much – surely they are deserving of a space which will help them grow,in their flow.  A place where those, traumatised by the reality of their role, are able to recoup, recover, replenish, reinvest and reconnect : the daily tragedy and grief they are exposed to saddens me – they are heroes in need of our love and support.secret-to-happiness

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