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Interview by Melissa Doyle (Author,  Journalist, Television Personality).

With her warm and engaging smile Melissa Doyle asked of Fiona Edmunds, aka The Mix Chick, just what was it that inspired her unique style of mumpreneur mojo and, did it involve some secret formula for success or was there a smattering of magic involved!

From the back deck of her home, sitting on her favourite lounge chair, Fiona shared her thoughts as best she was able.

‘Well Mel, firstly – thank you for seeking me out, I have been a great fan of yours for a number of years and I, as I imagine like most Australians, enjoy and appreciate your honesty, warmth and the level of sincerity you exude; I also respect your long-standing role as a reporter and the indisputable level of integrity you have displayed as a confident and capable female journalist.’

Nodding, graciously, Mel accepts the compliment, and continues with a subtle prompt to her initial request, ‘You are most kind – but really this is about you – not me … so tell me, what prompted you to move away from the world of corporate law into this vastly different entrepreneurial arena?’.

Clasping her hands lightly together Fiona smiles nervously at Mel, ‘Well, it’s like this. When I went on maternity leave with Isaac, my second child, I had anticipated a relatively seamless return to work, however the reality of that was altered when we discovered I was expecting our third child, Eli.  I contemplated a delayed return to work – and honestly, my employer was more than generous in extending a leave of absence and keeping me connected with various aspects of the alumni (so I still felt as though I belonged), but the thing of it was though, for so long I had identified my worth and value in terms of my income.  So, aside from not earning any income I also felt at a loss in terms of my true identity and worth.. I mean, yes of course I knew who I was .. however, I was no longer contributing significantly in terms of income – and that posed a huge issue for me.

Initially I had considered working from home within the legal field, although the reality of juggling the babies, client and court deadlines, my teenage daughter and her school requirements (never mind my husband working 6 days per week) was fairly sobering.  I knew I had to think  outside the square, if you will, but it wasn’t until my husband challenged me to put intellectual snobbery to one side that I really crossed over from traditional business.

I’m not sure about your husband Mel, but mine certainly knows which buttons to push in order to propel me into a course of action.   Aside from my being one of those  women – you know the sort, if you challenge me or call me on something I tend to go out and do it, despite myself – and I give it 100% of my effort .. I’m an all or nothing girl, there is no middle ground for me.’

Nodding, Mel raises an all too familiar brow, ‘So what happened next?’

Fiona continues, ‘So I started out with an online business opportunity within the field of health, wellness and nutrition – and frankly, I was appalled by what I saw!

There were loads of leaders who were heralding themselves as masters of their craft and as being successful when, in actuality, they had little to no expertise – let alone experience – and the majority of their ‘visible success’ was leased or on hire : I knew I had a responsibility for being part of the change.  I mean, I had a fabulous team of distributors and I was aligned with some truly marvellous mentors but I felt so incredibly compelled to bring about knowledge and understanding of the commonality of many of the situations linking the majority of the health and wellness issues, as they presented.  So I set about learning about nutrition, wellness and the emotional connects which lead to many compromised health and wellness issues.

I also had the benefit of understanding I wasn’t interested in being part of that whole drink this shake, pop these pills and eat whatever whenever mantra … it rang falsely in my ears as I knew balanced food nutrition and healthy emotional development were critically key for sound wellness.

Needless to say, after a period of time, I aligned with an opportunity to pursue food nutrition at a real ground level – mind you, it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of where I would ordinarily stand requiring me to be on stage for nutrition shows or in people’s homes offering instructional demonstrations, but I was conscious of the responsibility I had to connect with people as and how I could, and if I could better influence the nutrition habits of one family each time then I felt that I was doing my duty.

This is where The Mix Chick brand kind of kicked in to play .. it was more a figurative term for labelling my own endeavours than anything else  – I knew I had a relatively traditional background with an eclectic range of interests and I was trying to determine how I could monetise those from hobbies into a career.

After a few years I realised that my greatest joy came from helping others – from being in service – and not from the thrill of a hard-earned sale or a word of mouth referral – although I was always grateful for those – I knew something greater was on my horizon!  I guess I was hugely lucky to have forged entirely new skill-sets as a result of the roles I had discovered through my foray within the health and wellness, and food nutrition business.

I had always  been happy to fly under the radar with my achievements although now I knew I could now push myself to be in front of people, to do the thing  that was initially foreign or uncomfortable to me in order to facilitate  a requirement.

As a single working mother, (for I had worked full-time in my career  whilst raising my daughter independent of any assistance), I identified all too well with the many,varied challenges and complexities.  When I found this opportunity I knew my role and responsibility was to share (with as many open-minded people as possible) in order to be part of the shift for the many oppressed hard-working parents crying out for a better way.

Do You Believe in Karma Mel? ‘

Mel nodding slightly, ‘To a point, yes.  Tell me then, what led to the success you and your Team enjoy now?’.

‘Honestly Mel, I found a fantastic Mentor .. I didn’t know I was looking for him but when I found him – through a bizarre twist of clicks on the computer screen, I knew I had come home, if you will – finally, someone who spoke truthfully, with common sense, with no objective other than to help me grow and develop myself, learn some basic enhanced skills and then help others do the same.

Just like the famous quote from Thoreau, I get that most people are living a life of quiet desperation  – I am on a mission to help as many people as possible change the course of their financial life for the better, in the process they will grow and develop in such a way that they are personally enlightened and empowered as a side-note.  It is beyond fabulous Mel!! I am blessed to be connected, and in tune with, a global movement of enabling, empowering and enlightening others all whilst living my bliss and enjoying my family – and, whilst I enjoy monetary riches my true wealth is in fulfulling my personal pivotal needs whilst being in service to others and being free and available to enjoy opportunities and experiences with my family.  I am blessed.’

Mel extends her hand to Fiona, ‘Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Fiona.’.

Fiona shakes Mel’s hand, ‘The pleasure is truly mine Mel, thank you’.

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  1. “I wasn’t interested in being part of that whole drink this shake, pop these pills and eat whatever whenever mantra …” I am glad to read this. Shakes and pills are just tools.

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  2. mkmmadam says:

    I can’t wait to turn the tv on one morning soon and see you on Sunrise.

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  3. An Amazing insight into you and your journey. Many thanks for sharing!