Week 22: Mind Matter

img_53569. We can understand, then, something of the power which the mind possesses over the body. – Haanel

Throughout the course of my childhood I recall always being advised by my mother that “life’s success” was 99% ‘mind over matter’.  

Curiously, there was never any mention – nor did I ever  give any thought to the absence of (or, whereabouts)  of the elusive 1%.  Instead, I remember thinking, at the time, how silly the saying, for (I reasoned), if I chose to not study it would reflect  poorly upon my test results ie  if I relied solely on my belief of attainment of success (mind over matter), without studying, that I would be moderately delusional to expect a favourable grade!

Whilst on the right track in terms of understanding how powerful our mind can be –  for my mother there was a high state of subconscious ‘lack’ attached to much in the path of this mantra, or mindset, in that she subconsciously believed that ‘life’ should pose many unnecessary struggles.

Let me just say, some 30 (plus) years down the track l, as a result of this masterkey experience : that, right there, is a doozy!

I understand, now,  my mother was trying to instill various forms of strength and stickability into our ‘mindset survival armour’ but she did so with loaded-limiting belief and subconscious negativity.. and this was not her fault, but, due merely to the fact that she was essentially her own cement buddha : through her own choices, decisions and circumstances influenced by others … and I get it … it was her journey!

I feel no judgment, no pain, no regret (noooo emotion) attached to the recognition and true understanding of this.

I also feel immense gratitude for I recognise and appreciate how much that same mantra, absorbed by me in an entirely different perspective, has anchored my mental strength and personal determination to being resilient – to never giving up – to always looking for the silver linkng in the cloud, from always recharting myself to my inner compass.

One big week of ahaaaaaaah epiphanies this week, dear reader – mahalo xx

Week 20: Defining Silence. I Am.

In Part 20 of The Master Key, Haanel writes:
9.  But perception will come only in the Silence; this seems to be the condition required for all great purposes. You are a visualising entity. Imagination is your workshop. It is here that your ideal is to be visualised.


I am certain, dear reader, at one time or another, like most people, you have been met with the phrase, ‘the silence was deafening’ …well, in recent times this phrase has resonated anew, for me, and that is with the perception and understanding that has aligned in my headspace, as a result of the masterkey journey, and experience, which we have jointly embarked upon: I realised  the silence, is, in actuality, defining .. of mindful intuitive clarity, of manifestation of that visualisation into known existence and felt reality.


The value of the sit, my supreme inner requirement for the imperativeness of the sit (and my physical, spiritual and mental demand for my compliance with the now daily sit): the significance of the pivotal role the sit plays in my daily visualisation and manifestation is not lost on me!

In the past, of an evening, arriving home from a day at work, I used to love kicking off my heels and peeling off stockings and walking out of our home and grounding myself .. feeling the cool of the soft grass beneath my feet; my daughter, Georgia, and I would do this together (except she’d kick off her school shoes and socks), and we’d talk about our day, gaze at the early evening stars and cement what I would make for dinner .. always we’d cook with colour lol ..it was part of our daily routine, feeling the energy from the ground beneath our feet.

In the same way as I, in the past, would fulfil my own personal craving for walking on sandy beaches or floating in the ocean .. letting my  body, mind and soul reconnect with nature, realigning my energy with that of the Mother Nature; it is curious that since implementing the daily sit, (as part of the requirements of the masterkey course), that I find myself experiencing the same level of universal synergetic connectivity – I feel more intertwined with the person I am meant to be and grateful for the calming peace and strength I feel as a result.  I Am. Defining. My Future Reality.once-was



Week 9. Universal Laws. The Law of Practice. The Law of Growth.

‘Suppose, then, we desire to change conditions, how are we to bring this about? The reply is simple: By the law of growth. Cause and effect are as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of material things.’

In my Pre-MKMMA life (hereinafter referred to as my PML)  I would occasionally succumb to windows of time where I experienced scattered consciousness  – you know what I mean, the whole ‘Oh my giddy aunt, my plate is full and overflowing – how will I possibly fulfil all of my obligations and requirements – and SURVIVE ?!!’.

Sound familiar?

What I have come to understand is that whilst I have always had absolute belief and true fidelity to the ultimate outcome, (ie. the goal I had in my mind), PML, I haven’t necessarily had full control, mastery of, and-reign, on the skills I needed to acquire (and apply) in order to achieve my ultimately desired outcomes.

It’s one thing, in life, to have the skills, capacity and conviction but it’s completely another to have a viable method in order to manifest the intention.

We’ll call it the Law of Practice ‘eh?!   And, somewhat ironically, the flow on effect would be, the Law of Growth!

Understanding that everything in life, in this Universe within which we live (exist- cohabit, whatever and etc)  is synergistically linked .. is a huge advantage in terms of recognising your connectivity to it all.chess-its-your-move

which leads me on to my next point : that of the Law of Growth; which, coincidentally, occurs organically, once you are invested in your authentic path of learning  and being truly connected to your ultimate purpose!  Holy Moses – Right??!!

This week I was exposed to a new consideration of the concepts associated with the whole left brain v  right brain thinking!  Talk about an eye-opener (at one level) and yet, reassuringly, offering me comfort and peace of mind at a more innate core level, aligning with my longheld thoughts on the matter.

We are told, by so-called experts, that we – the people – are either left brain or right brain influenced!  The general consensus, in requiring us to believe that we are either left-brain led OR right-brain led in our interactions, philosophies, mindset and actions; does us a great disservice and, in fact, a HUGE disservice to our thought process in general.  And I say a PHAT- and FABULOUS – PHOOEY to that misnomer : what a crock!!

What I can confirm, (with thanks and gratitude to MarkJ, the FabDavene, DaynaTheWunderkind, Dr Derek (AND their awesome team of evolved leaders and guides), is that it has come to light that the left-brain-influenced people need facts, figures and numbers in order to determine the merit of a situation or opportunity …whereas, the right-brain-influenced people only require a visual overview of the concepts, feelings and cognitive image of the dream(s) … as initial drivers … with validating of interlinking to further connect concepts … but both left-brain and right-brain influencers required elements core to their opposite strengths!! MIND-BLOWING YEAH?!  or just ANOTHER epiphany .. the whole ying-yang synergistic energy component that I have been continuously advised by trusted others to ‘suppress’ : why on earth do I go against my innate inner counsel with others who don’t have the ultimate outcomes I desire??!! (Note For Self and Future Self Blog-Categoristions : #HelloCall #Epiphany #Non-Brain-Fart-Moment!!  .. lol right : ‘cos you must learn to laugh at yourself and your perceptions to really appreciate and enjoy THE LAW OF GROWTH : Holy ShitSticks Batman!! It’s there again!!)

FINALLY!!!!, I get ME – and it makes COMPLETE SENSE (never thought I’d express that aloud – or in bold font!!) at so many levels.  I have completed many so-called tests on the whole left-right brain process … with varying degrees of the same result … BUT  I get the absolute imperativeness, that is to say:
– the power of thought : understanding the need for inter-connectivity of both aspects of the brain; ie the requirement to compliment and combine the concepts of amalgamating the visual and logical aspects of both of the left and right brain strengths to further edify, or, sync+link, if you will, ie the *corpos callosum (which unites each of the left and right brain, in a strengthening manner, edifying the connection and counter-support of each concept of processing ie logic, literal, facts + visual imagery, concepts and feeling!!!)

HOLY MOLeY – this STUFF needs to be SUPER UBER FED to our university students studying psych, business YOU NAME IT – we need to share this with EVERYONE with a heartbeat : imagine the difference in the outcomes of  SOOOOO many within our interconnected Worlds??!!!

ThankYOU MarkJ and the Fabulous Davene : you are truly in service to your passion and purpose, creating your tribe, spreading awareness and understanding and dispelling communal self-limiting beliefs !! Thankyou, Mahalo, Graci, Danke .. from every level, from every core : I thank you from my heart : you are both amazing facilitators of change!!


Speaking of THE WORLD: There’s a saying, which is like a symphony playing to my ears when Mark J says it:  The World Within Creates The World With Out’.
Focus on this:  #idealisation #visualisation #manifestation #materialisation

That Which You See Is That Which You Attract or Mirror.

If you have been fortunate – or, driven – to be blessed with access to the works of #TheGreat  W.Clement Stone, (who made Napolean Hill the fabulous success he became – just, b t w )  you may be blessed with the truly life-changing knowledge, that is, #THINK +AND+ #GROW, #RICH.    (If you have read this book, and understood – IT’S AN EXERCISE : YOU are truly blessed… please share your thoughts in the comment section).

And Me, After an Exceedingly Challenging Time in Penning This Particular Blog Post, Is Off to Quaff Some Champagne !  and Reflect!  I Wish Every Single Person Reading This Post an Exceptional Journey and Fulfilling Life #Blessings2Uall xx

Week 6 : Concepts. Contrast. Cognitive Consciousness. Connectivity. Commitment.

In the collaboration of works, between W.Clement-Stone and Napolean Hill, which was (and is) better known as the masterpiece, “Think and Grow Rich”, one standout statement which strikes like the tip of an arrow, the nib piercing the centre of the gold of its target .. much like it did my mind :
‘One comes to believe whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement be true or false’.
So truthful and profound.  So impactful and empowering.  So incredibly path-enhancing if you permit yourself the freedom to succumb to thought, to digest the magnitude of this statement, and the self-revelation it offers.

How many times do we allow our self-image, self-worth or self-talk to be substandard or cruelly mocking of ourselves as we second-guess, belittle, badger and berate ourselves for some perceived level of failure?  It is sheer madness that we instinctively opt to attack ourselves with falsely perceived, negative or derisive self-talk instead of  acknowledging the moment of thought and meeting it with understanding, compassion, empathy and  respect; in turn redirecting that self talk into a more positively enhanced expression.

“And most of all I will love myself. For when I do I will zealously inspect all things which enter my body, my mind, my soul, and my heart.’

I choose now, instead, to understand the concepts – those patterns of ingrained connectivity to sub-conscious thought – with a renewed commitment to cognitive consciousness. I choose to imbibe conscious mindfulness of this learnt behaviour and to drink of it in an all consuming manner.  I am committed to my full self, at all levels, both consciously and sub-consciously, in order I may present the best version of myself to all opportunity with which I connect.

“I will greet this day with love in my heart.   For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures. Muscle can split a shield and even destroy life but only the unseen power of love can open the hearts of men and until I master this art I will remain no more than a peddler in the marketplace. I will make love my greatest weapon and none on whom I call can defend its force.” – Og Mandino

I will embrace the change which is required of me, of my person, of my mindset. I will meet the personal demands and requirements – inspite of their presence – I will do this until I master them, and, in turn, I master myself.  For then, I will truly be of benefit and of best service to others.

Necessities are demands, and demands create action, and actions bring about results. The process of evolution is constantly building our tomorrows out of our todays. Individual development, like Universal development, must be gradual with an ever-increasing capacity and volume.

And this is where I find myself now:
–  determined, as always.
–  dancing, with many moments 0f overwhelm.
–  discovering, my many (maaaaany) moments of subconscious self-sabotage – and meeting that beastly Audrey  like the ninja-motherload-of-mumma-on-a-mission that I am.
– delighting, in the process of dawning.

For as I stretch myself, fall, fail, get back up and stretch myself again .. I know, with absolute certainty and conviction, that I have no other option but to submit to the process of self-discovery; to experience this journey mindfully.  The responsibility of ownership is absolutely and acutely at the forefront of my mind – my conscious mind, stealthlike in its preparedness to ‘fight the good fight’; against my sabotaging subconscious mind – knowingly recognising the requirement or certain feelings and realigning the shift for a far greater optimised outcome. This process is essential to my journey. I get that.  Much good shall be derived in the sharing of my experience and of my understanding and knowledge of the impact that positive will, mindset (and the power of mastery of self) which is acquired, in order to be of full service to others.

Here is the secret of power, of mastery. To overcome does not mean to go without things. Self-denial is not success. We cannot give unless we get; we cannot be helpful unless we are strong. The Infinite is not a bankrupt and we who are the representatives of Infinite power should not be bankrupts either, and if we wish to be of service to others we must have power and more power, but to get it we must give it; we must be of service.




Week 5. Boundaries, Habits +Change

‘I will form good habits and become their slave.’- Og Mandino.

Well there’s a challenge if ever I saw one!

The true simplicity of The Karate Kid‘s Mr Miyagi training ‘Daniel-san’ in subtle, yet meaningfully contrived ways,  is entirely profound.

Much in the same way as the necessity for me to adhere to, and administer, the requirements of various of the daily tasks associated with my continued journey of self-discovery and self-guidance this week : my epiphany (that moment of blinding clarity) will stay with me for the longest time – both for the succinct sharpness and for the simplicity of it.

Most especially, given the journey I embarked upon – the irony of this is not lost on me – thinking I was so on top of my game with my planning, strategy and focus.

Meet Ralph – A Most Sage and Aware Individual

One requirement for this week was reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observations and theory on The Law Of Compensation – a beautiful read, sophisticated in its very style and nature, caused me to read and re-read, ponder and think; but then, is that not the purpose and intent of good quality, reflective, thought provoking writing?

‘Every excess causes a defect; every defect an excess. …’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘The value of the universe contrives to throw itself into every point. If the good is there, so is the evil; if the affinity, so the repulsion; if the force, so the limitation.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Life invests itself with inevitable conditions, which the unwise seek to dodge, which one and another brags that he does not know, brags that they do not touch him;—but the brag is on his lips, the conditions are in his soul.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There’s some pretty heavy-going food for thought right here and now!

A true standout for me personally was :

‘A man cannot speak but he judges himself. With his will or against his will he draws his
portrait to the eye his companions by every word’.

Wow!! Did I learn this one this week!

Powerful powerful stuff!

The irony of this is not lost on me.  The irony of this is not lost on me. At a cognitive practice level we were not supposed to engage in judgement-based or opinionactivity … easier said than done right?!  Judgements, opinions, knowledge of a subject – it all weighs upon us and we have this amazing desire to help others by sharing the story, including the judgement …I’m guessing for the collective collaboration of mutual thought?

I consider myself neither judgemental, nor opinionated, though I do believe I have views on most every little thing!



Press Release. The Mix Chick : Her MoJo+Her Magic

Interview by Melissa Doyle (Author,  Journalist, Television Personality).

With her warm and engaging smile Melissa Doyle asked of Fiona Edmunds, aka The Mix Chick, just what was it that inspired her unique style of mumpreneur mojo and, did it involve some secret formula for success or was there a smattering of magic involved!

From the back deck of her home, sitting on her favourite lounge chair, Fiona shared her thoughts as best she was able.

‘Well Mel, firstly – thank you for seeking me out, I have been a great fan of yours for a number of years and I, as I imagine like most Australians, enjoy and appreciate your honesty, warmth and the level of sincerity you exude; I also respect your long-standing role as a reporter and the indisputable level of integrity you have displayed as a confident and capable female journalist.’

Nodding, graciously, Mel accepts the compliment, and continues with a subtle prompt to her initial request, ‘You are most kind – but really this is about you – not me … so tell me, what prompted you to move away from the world of corporate law into this vastly different entrepreneurial arena?’.

Clasping her hands lightly together Fiona smiles nervously at Mel, ‘Well, it’s like this. When I went on maternity leave with Isaac, my second child, I had anticipated a relatively seamless return to work, however the reality of that was altered when we discovered I was expecting our third child, Eli.  I contemplated a delayed return to work – and honestly, my employer was more than generous in extending a leave of absence and keeping me connected with various aspects of the alumni (so I still felt as though I belonged), but the thing of it was though, for so long I had identified my worth and value in terms of my income.  So, aside from not earning any income I also felt at a loss in terms of my true identity and worth.. I mean, yes of course I knew who I was .. however, I was no longer contributing significantly in terms of income – and that posed a huge issue for me.

Initially I had considered working from home within the legal field, although the reality of juggling the babies, client and court deadlines, my teenage daughter and her school requirements (never mind my husband working 6 days per week) was fairly sobering.  I knew I had to think  outside the square, if you will, but it wasn’t until my husband challenged me to put intellectual snobbery to one side that I really crossed over from traditional business.

I’m not sure about your husband Mel, but mine certainly knows which buttons to push in order to propel me into a course of action.   Aside from my being one of those  women – you know the sort, if you challenge me or call me on something I tend to go out and do it, despite myself – and I give it 100% of my effort .. I’m an all or nothing girl, there is no middle ground for me.’

Nodding, Mel raises an all too familiar brow, ‘So what happened next?’

Fiona continues, ‘So I started out with an online business opportunity within the field of health, wellness and nutrition – and frankly, I was appalled by what I saw!

There were loads of leaders who were heralding themselves as masters of their craft and as being successful when, in actuality, they had little to no expertise – let alone experience – and the majority of their ‘visible success’ was leased or on hire : I knew I had a responsibility for being part of the change.  I mean, I had a fabulous team of distributors and I was aligned with some truly marvellous mentors but I felt so incredibly compelled to bring about knowledge and understanding of the commonality of many of the situations linking the majority of the health and wellness issues, as they presented.  So I set about learning about nutrition, wellness and the emotional connects which lead to many compromised health and wellness issues.

I also had the benefit of understanding I wasn’t interested in being part of that whole drink this shake, pop these pills and eat whatever whenever mantra … it rang falsely in my ears as I knew balanced food nutrition and healthy emotional development were critically key for sound wellness.

Needless to say, after a period of time, I aligned with an opportunity to pursue food nutrition at a real ground level – mind you, it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of where I would ordinarily stand requiring me to be on stage for nutrition shows or in people’s homes offering instructional demonstrations, but I was conscious of the responsibility I had to connect with people as and how I could, and if I could better influence the nutrition habits of one family each time then I felt that I was doing my duty.

This is where The Mix Chick brand kind of kicked in to play .. it was more a figurative term for labelling my own endeavours than anything else  – I knew I had a relatively traditional background with an eclectic range of interests and I was trying to determine how I could monetise those from hobbies into a career.

After a few years I realised that my greatest joy came from helping others – from being in service – and not from the thrill of a hard-earned sale or a word of mouth referral – although I was always grateful for those – I knew something greater was on my horizon!  I guess I was hugely lucky to have forged entirely new skill-sets as a result of the roles I had discovered through my foray within the health and wellness, and food nutrition business.

I had always  been happy to fly under the radar with my achievements although now I knew I could now push myself to be in front of people, to do the thing  that was initially foreign or uncomfortable to me in order to facilitate  a requirement.

As a single working mother, (for I had worked full-time in my career  whilst raising my daughter independent of any assistance), I identified all too well with the many,varied challenges and complexities.  When I found this opportunity I knew my role and responsibility was to share (with as many open-minded people as possible) in order to be part of the shift for the many oppressed hard-working parents crying out for a better way.

Do You Believe in Karma Mel? ‘

Mel nodding slightly, ‘To a point, yes.  Tell me then, what led to the success you and your Team enjoy now?’.

‘Honestly Mel, I found a fantastic Mentor .. I didn’t know I was looking for him but when I found him – through a bizarre twist of clicks on the computer screen, I knew I had come home, if you will – finally, someone who spoke truthfully, with common sense, with no objective other than to help me grow and develop myself, learn some basic enhanced skills and then help others do the same.

Just like the famous quote from Thoreau, I get that most people are living a life of quiet desperation  – I am on a mission to help as many people as possible change the course of their financial life for the better, in the process they will grow and develop in such a way that they are personally enlightened and empowered as a side-note.  It is beyond fabulous Mel!! I am blessed to be connected, and in tune with, a global movement of enabling, empowering and enlightening others all whilst living my bliss and enjoying my family – and, whilst I enjoy monetary riches my true wealth is in fulfulling my personal pivotal needs whilst being in service to others and being free and available to enjoy opportunities and experiences with my family.  I am blessed.’

Mel extends her hand to Fiona, ‘Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Fiona.’.

Fiona shakes Mel’s hand, ‘The pleasure is truly mine Mel, thank you’.

Week 2. Habits.

It is very easy to do, or not do, a requirement attached to the implementation of a new habit. Various distractions and niggling doubts tried to edge their way into my cognitive thought – however self-sabotage was not something I was prepared to permit on my path at this point.

‘In truth, the only difference between those who have failed and those who have succeeded lies in the difference of their habits.’  – Og Mandino

As my week progressed, and I wove my way through the process of consciously introducing new habits into my daily regime, I was determined to remain mindful of any subconscious resistance to performing these new habits in their required application.  In the process I realised, like most people, I am a creature of habit.  I’m tempted to add the term ‘the good, the bad (…and the ugly)’ .. but you’re only just getting to know me so I’m not quite ready to unleash that hairy beast just yet! 😉

It is very easy to do, or not do, a requirement attached to the implementation of a new habit.  Various distractions and niggling doubts tried to edge their way into my cognitive thought – however self-sabotage was not something I was prepared to permit on my path at this point. To be consciously aware of this reality and choosing, with determined decisiveness, to not succumb to the ease and familiarity of allowing distractions to impact or impair the performance or implementation of the newly learnt habits was an interesting experience.  Identifying and consciously acknowledging my previous tendency to excuse myself and justify my subconscious’ ability to influence my engaging in distractions – thus veering from being on point in manifesting the new habits I desire to acquire –  in the moments, as they presented, was curiously entertaining.

Growth springs from the willingness to submit and surrender to an experience.  Just as the seed is sown in order for the plant to grow and the flower to bloom I must acknowledge the desire, and need, for acquiring a range of new habits in order to create new neural pathways, empower my mindset, hone my skills and master myself, my craft and ultimately, my life.

Awareness. Acquiring an altered (and improved) reality created by habits. Changing habits.

I am struck by the very profound quote ‘Proper Prior Planning Promotes Peak Performance’ more especially as I prepare for an significant interstate conference this week : how will I master the demands and requirements of my newly added habits woven in and amongst the logistics and responsibilities associated with my attendance at the conference?  Prior Planning. Scheduling Myself.  Channelling My Inner-No-Nonsense Take-No-Prisoners Subconscious-Stealth-Ninja!

Habits. Changing Habits.  Like many, like few –  I choose to do what I know I must, in order to become.

Gotta’ say, I’m slightly impartial to the writings of Og Mandino, with pleasure I leave you with this Og-ism, relevant as it is, to this process and my journey:

‘Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.’ Og Mandino

I Will Be The Hero In My Own Journey. I Encourage You To Be The Hero In Yours.