Week 15: There Is Value in All Rarity.

Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require.

I am rare, and there is value in all rarity; therefore, I am valuable.  
I have unlimited potential. 

Release from longheld misperceptions and thought – understanding that unlimited potential was always within and, more significantly, that one is worthy of receiving: I am grateful for this realisation and the power of my understanding and acceptance is true freedom from previous constraints.thinkgrowprosper

7.   All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit. Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth.

It is curious, to me, that the life challenges which continue to emerge (in all of their varied manner and form), do so until the lesson is learnt?!!    Talk about repeat patterning right?!

8.   That we reap what we sow is mathematically exact. img_3258
We gain permanent strength exactly to the extent of the effort required to overcome difficulties.

You reap what you sow : ain’t that the truth?!!  I think I am like most people when I suggest that this is a universal truth .. interestingly, that just like a boomerang, when thrown with definiteness of purpose, what we sow is what we will reap.  May we throw our boomerangs with conscious pure intent.

And nature knows not defeat. Eventually, she emerges victorious and so will I, and with each victory the next struggle becomes less difficult.


Week 14: I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I will. I will fan this flame of dissatisfaction and proclaim my uniqueness to the world.

One of the sayings which MarkJ often quotes, during the course of his trainings, is ‘You were made first class, by first class and you’re entitled to go first class (… if we do one thing: render first class service to others)!

This MKMMA course, and its consequential journey, has caused me to ponder and reflect upon many relationships, including the significant establishment ones – you know the type I mean  – parents, siblings, extended family, nearest+dearest closest friends, people of influence (both good and bad), and all the rest.

In the Scroll, marked IV, of  ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’, Og Mandino wrote:

Since the beginning of time never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair, my mouth.   None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me.  

When you consciously open yourself to the true consideration of these two sentences (or 49 words) and align them with the analogy which MarkJ compels and implores us to comprehend (refer my opening paragraph above), it all kinda wires and fires your collectively conscious thought understanding process!

And what a H-U-G-E slap on the butt   W-A-K-E   U-P    C-A-L-L   that one is!

Another correlation leading to an explosive epiphany for me this week!

What amazes me is that this MKMMA course is marrying up with and empowering my world, in its many varied kaleidoscope of interactions, in so many abstract but-actually concrete manner of manifestations !

Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I will.  I will fan this flame of dissatisfaction and proclaim my uniqueness to the world.

And this takes me to the place that lies within.  A flame purportedly fanned by previous generations, nurtured, without a doubt, personally, by my most monumental life mentor, my dearest darling Nan.  And as I recall her spunk and savvy nonchalance, I also recall her dig-deep (always with dignity) spirit and personal values.   This one’s for you Nan, my darling Vada : and so, in a completely enlightened understanding of my journey thus far, and the role you came to play, I say to you now:  may the force be with you.

Week 13: Thought. Raw. Confronting. Calm. Comforting.

Life is All About How We See It.

It will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Thought has consumed me, in every cell and at my core,  this Christmas especially.

Cognitive, consciously considered, deliberately delving, directly evaluating examples of the creative power of thought.

It’s a curious thing to be the silent observer 👁watching👁 the play of people fall in, out and amongst it all – the wash of interaction and energy exchanged, with conscious thought .. or, without.


The proverbial ‘fish out of water’ – ever felt like this guy?

This Christmas I was mindful of  playing the part of non-judgmental observer. A tall order?

At times I felt like the proverbial fish out of water ..but just like the dude in this pic,  I learnt to flip my tail on the sand also!  End result?

I appreciated the Law of Forgiveness more soundly – I could see how deep hurt, transformed into bitterness, impacted health .. and sadly, that that person’s true healing was denied them until they embraced the law of forgiveness.

Additionally, it made me think on the Law of Attraction and how like attracts like.

I give gratitude to the Law of Dual Thought and for the positivity it has offered another when faced with very confronting health issues : people are amazing if they allow themselves to be – The Laws of Polarity and Relativity were certainly front of mind.

The Law of Cause and Effect was evidenced, made even more signficant, because all opportunity had forever passed to right wrongdoings for one person : the irony being that that person exists, consciously aware, of the harm they have occasioned to others but choosing, so it would seem, to segway mentally into a void of escapism – disassociating responsibility from reality.
Holy Moses!! The actions, behaviours  and hurts they have occasioned, no longer impact me – this awareness was a freeing discovery for me personally .. but then, again, I give gratitude to the Law Of Forgiveness … much can be said for the true peace of mind which heals past trauma, allowing you to move forward in a truly present state.

I have been failing fabulously at applying myself diligently to all of the reads, citing ‘The Gal in The Mirror’ and keeping up with many of the various requirements over the course of the last ten or so days, and that’s okay – I’ll ‘do-be-do’ better from here on in!

I Am The Hero Of My Own Journey✨

Speaking of Heroes, two awesome depictions  to hopefully lighten the otherwise heavy tone of this blogpost)  spring to mind

🚂 Golden Books, ‘The Little Red Caboose’ and  🐠 Dory,  from ‘Finding Nemo’  …. so just like they did :

I’ll just keep swimming, swimming, swimming; just keep swimming .. because ..
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ✨

Hugs xx


Week 12 : Awakening of Awareness. Knowledge. Courage. Faith.

There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

The only way to keep from going backward, is to keep going forward.

The first hint, or indication, of the week that has just passed my watch, is summarised in that first sentence!

I found myself challenged in maintaining the pace and just ‘doing’ all of the tasks required of me – most especially being mindful of maintaining and guarding the last hour of each night with my read and declarations!

Eternal vigilance is the price of success.

Enough already :  I get it!

There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

My great epiphany for this week? 

I, essentially dared before I had the knowledge of my power or, in more broadly defined terms  : the awakening of awareness of my inner masterkey!

Yet, when I think about it – I subconsciously knew I had the knowledge within all along .. I’ve subconsciously known for YEARS and I’ve consciously chosen not to dare!

Me – of all people – not daring to do! Absurd, in the extreme!  Preposterous, the mere suggestion.  Fact – undeniably.

Now that I face the ‘meet and greet’ of this white elephant the sheer significance is mindblowing!  Honestly though – what part of this little MKMMA journey hasn’t been?

The conscious me. The subconscious me. The gorgeous gut-instinct aka ‘third eye’ me ( aka, ‘Me Myself+I’ )  : welcome one and all to Team Fi!    


Where this journey now leads me, warts and all – bared to the World, I have no idea : suffice to say that my SUPER POWER will be revealed .. shared with you all … I’m looking forward to owning my inner Super Hero Me (and helping myself on the journey that takes me home to where I’m meant to be!).


Week 11. Intense Insight. Healing.

This week has been a healing week.

“Fixed laws underlie all human actions.”

Intense Insight: immense significance from 6 simple succinct, highly impactful words!

This week has been a healing week.  A week of acknowledgement.   A week of acceptance.  A week of awareness.  Healing Hurts – real, not imagined – 46 years in the making.  A week of compassion.   A week of understanding.  A week of forgiveness.  A week of growth.
Embracing, and consciously acknowledging, the flow from many of the Universal Laws  as they applied.   Self-discovery  in the process.  Money Can’t Buy That.  #Gratitude.  

It is well, however, to remember that while every effect is the result of a cause, the effect in turn becomes a cause, which creates other effects, which in turn create still other causes; so that when you put the law of attraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.

In fact, it would be fair to suggest that my conscious surrender to the reality and understanding of the synergistic interfacing with my subconscious, was monumentally massive this week.

I am grateful for the genius of masterkey thought development craftsman and philosopher, Charles Haanel.  I am grateful for the creative alignment of both the concepts and physical application (in the form of the MKMMA course – as grown by my master mentors, MarkJ and THE Fab Davene) for crafting a tool so absolutely aligned with Haanel’s discovery that it consciously coaxes and coerces oneself to grow, nurture and nourish one’s own personal masterkey :  Pure Freaking Genius! I am in awe+I am grateful.

A conscious decision to challenge myself to be my very best version, 11 weeks ago has led me to a greatly renewed fidelity to gratitude.  I believe I took Gratitude for Granted. Challenged and consciously renewed I am cognisant of being grateful to be participating in this journey of self-discovery : for though it is challenging  (at times – beyond belief), it is equally rewarding : helping me at so many levels – offering me clarity, propelling me forward personally, in all manner of ways which are confronting, healing and nourishing.

I am grateful for this whole blog thing, as challenging as it has been – and is.  I feel total fidelity to be inexorably invested in embracing this experience -sharing my discoveries and reflections, as succinctly as I am able, in the hope that it may resonate with another and be of service or good to another in the process (I attach no arrogance or ego to this hope – simply a genuine desire that some good may result for another).

Blogging : eternally connected, for an infinity, via social media and the internet to the World.   Like a diary from long ago that I am now able to pen – with the benefit of hindsight, with the benefit of understanding and, in and amongst it all, with the benefit of time, to buffer the pain and benefit the healing.  So immensely, intensely intimate yet utterly universally ubiquitous at the same time.  So completely cathartic and cleansing, and yet, rendering me vulnerable to the volatility of translating thought to written word.  I accept that I must be zealously committed to embrace this. That every element of this enterprise is edification to evidence my experience.
let-go-become11-7. As the eye seeks and receives satisfaction from colours complementary to those which are given, so does need, want and desire, in the largest sense, induce, guide and determine action.

A written DMP, personal movie trailer, creating vision boards and adorning your home and daily surrounds with your colours+shapes, inspirational reads and quotes : talk about a consciously collaborated manipulation of manifestations!



11-19. We are thus thinking on the plane of the absolute and eliminating all consideration of conditions or limitation and are planting a seed which, if left undisturbed, will finally germinate into external fruition.

Jesus said, ‘Therefore I say unto you, Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them’ (Mark 11:24). 


Week 10. Laws of Cause+Effect, Practice and Growth.

The ordinary man, who has no definite knowledge of cause and effect, is governed by his feelings or emotions.

Perceiving yourself as controlled by feelings or emotions is a curious thing.  In the past few days I have been working with a few people who are completely governed by their feelings and emotions – compelled,  it would seem – to seek out ways in which they can interact but still bring about the certain replay of those same emotions.   I get it now – the whole peptide feeding frenzy :  what was really amazing to me was the person making a clear determination that they knew they would be experiencing the same outcome from  the same activity but that that was ‘okay’,  It blew me away that anyone would willingly subject themselves to the same disappointing outcome and not want to actually alter any part of their interaction with the entire process.

I am still confused on this issue as to how I can best help another understand the complexities of the peptides and how small, certain, simple steps can help him to circumnavigate his subconscious mind in order to live a more effective and less self-punishing  experience in his business life.  Well, that is to say, aside from recommending MKMMA  as the known solution it is : and yet, I also sense he would not quite be open to the process in all of its entirety and complexity.


Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba said:

“The worst people to serve are the Poor people.  Give them free, they think it’s a trap.

Tell them it’s a small investment, they’ll say can’t earn much.  Tell them to come in big, they’ll say no money.  Tell them try new things, they’ll say no experience. Tell them it’s traditional business, they’ll say hard to do. Tell them it’s a new business model, they’ll say it’s MLM.  Tell them to run a shop, they’ll say no freedom.  Tell them to run a new business, they’ll say no expertise.

They do have some things in common:

They love to ask google, listen to friends who are as hopeless as them, they think more than an university professor and do less than a blind man.

Just ask them, what can they do. They won’t be able to answer you. …”

Is it the chemical addiction to these limiting beliefs and mindset 0f conscious lack that will forever impair their drive or determination for changing the course of their life?

Which really gave me a chance to reflect upon  my week, past fortnight, past month and  .. really, to the start of the whole MKMMA journey.



Constructive thought must necessarily be creative, but creative thought must be harmonious, and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thought.

Epiphany Much?  Of course NOW, moreso than ever before, I get the fidelity to ultimate outcome which the shapes, the DMP, the movie trailer, the vision board all contrive to bring about.  I am grateful for that.   I got it before but it is thoroughly, and continuously edifying my ultimate commitment to achieving my dreams and goals.

And guess what?  The absolute demand I have placed upon my conscious mind to be in complete harmony with the successful outcome  of these goals and to coerce and tease my subconscious into blissful alignment is really rather remarkable, to say the least.  Now I am facing long-held desires, dreams and goals all beginning to align and manifesting that which I have been fully committed to achieving over a great time .. the only real irony being that I must now juggle as I go … challenging as it may be, I am determined as ever to see this to the end, to ultimately fulfil all requirement of my commitment to the goals I had mapped out.

This journey – if you truly and willingly submit your glorious vulnerability to the full impact of its consequence, brings about a consciously and sub-consciously created change …. and it all began as a result of making a choice.

Fancy the difference to everyday life so many would experience if only they were open to it.  Food For Thought.   Its true what they say:  What You Think About Grows.

Week 9. Universal Laws. The Law of Practice. The Law of Growth.

‘Suppose, then, we desire to change conditions, how are we to bring this about? The reply is simple: By the law of growth. Cause and effect are as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of material things.’

In my Pre-MKMMA life (hereinafter referred to as my PML)  I would occasionally succumb to windows of time where I experienced scattered consciousness  – you know what I mean, the whole ‘Oh my giddy aunt, my plate is full and overflowing – how will I possibly fulfil all of my obligations and requirements – and SURVIVE ?!!’.

Sound familiar?

What I have come to understand is that whilst I have always had absolute belief and true fidelity to the ultimate outcome, (ie. the goal I had in my mind), PML, I haven’t necessarily had full control, mastery of, and-reign, on the skills I needed to acquire (and apply) in order to achieve my ultimately desired outcomes.

It’s one thing, in life, to have the skills, capacity and conviction but it’s completely another to have a viable method in order to manifest the intention.

We’ll call it the Law of Practice ‘eh?!   And, somewhat ironically, the flow on effect would be, the Law of Growth!

Understanding that everything in life, in this Universe within which we live (exist- cohabit, whatever and etc)  is synergistically linked .. is a huge advantage in terms of recognising your connectivity to it all.chess-its-your-move

which leads me on to my next point : that of the Law of Growth; which, coincidentally, occurs organically, once you are invested in your authentic path of learning  and being truly connected to your ultimate purpose!  Holy Moses – Right??!!

This week I was exposed to a new consideration of the concepts associated with the whole left brain v  right brain thinking!  Talk about an eye-opener (at one level) and yet, reassuringly, offering me comfort and peace of mind at a more innate core level, aligning with my longheld thoughts on the matter.

We are told, by so-called experts, that we – the people – are either left brain or right brain influenced!  The general consensus, in requiring us to believe that we are either left-brain led OR right-brain led in our interactions, philosophies, mindset and actions; does us a great disservice and, in fact, a HUGE disservice to our thought process in general.  And I say a PHAT- and FABULOUS – PHOOEY to that misnomer : what a crock!!

What I can confirm, (with thanks and gratitude to MarkJ, the FabDavene, DaynaTheWunderkind, Dr Derek (AND their awesome team of evolved leaders and guides), is that it has come to light that the left-brain-influenced people need facts, figures and numbers in order to determine the merit of a situation or opportunity …whereas, the right-brain-influenced people only require a visual overview of the concepts, feelings and cognitive image of the dream(s) … as initial drivers … with validating of interlinking to further connect concepts … but both left-brain and right-brain influencers required elements core to their opposite strengths!! MIND-BLOWING YEAH?!  or just ANOTHER epiphany .. the whole ying-yang synergistic energy component that I have been continuously advised by trusted others to ‘suppress’ : why on earth do I go against my innate inner counsel with others who don’t have the ultimate outcomes I desire??!! (Note For Self and Future Self Blog-Categoristions : #HelloCall #Epiphany #Non-Brain-Fart-Moment!!  .. lol right : ‘cos you must learn to laugh at yourself and your perceptions to really appreciate and enjoy THE LAW OF GROWTH : Holy ShitSticks Batman!! It’s there again!!)

FINALLY!!!!, I get ME – and it makes COMPLETE SENSE (never thought I’d express that aloud – or in bold font!!) at so many levels.  I have completed many so-called tests on the whole left-right brain process … with varying degrees of the same result … BUT  I get the absolute imperativeness, that is to say:
– the power of thought : understanding the need for inter-connectivity of both aspects of the brain; ie the requirement to compliment and combine the concepts of amalgamating the visual and logical aspects of both of the left and right brain strengths to further edify, or, sync+link, if you will, ie the *corpos callosum (which unites each of the left and right brain, in a strengthening manner, edifying the connection and counter-support of each concept of processing ie logic, literal, facts + visual imagery, concepts and feeling!!!)

HOLY MOLeY – this STUFF needs to be SUPER UBER FED to our university students studying psych, business YOU NAME IT – we need to share this with EVERYONE with a heartbeat : imagine the difference in the outcomes of  SOOOOO many within our interconnected Worlds??!!!

ThankYOU MarkJ and the Fabulous Davene : you are truly in service to your passion and purpose, creating your tribe, spreading awareness and understanding and dispelling communal self-limiting beliefs !! Thankyou, Mahalo, Graci, Danke .. from every level, from every core : I thank you from my heart : you are both amazing facilitators of change!!


Speaking of THE WORLD: There’s a saying, which is like a symphony playing to my ears when Mark J says it:  The World Within Creates The World With Out’.
Focus on this:  #idealisation #visualisation #manifestation #materialisation

That Which You See Is That Which You Attract or Mirror.

If you have been fortunate – or, driven – to be blessed with access to the works of #TheGreat  W.Clement Stone, (who made Napolean Hill the fabulous success he became – just, b t w )  you may be blessed with the truly life-changing knowledge, that is, #THINK +AND+ #GROW, #RICH.    (If you have read this book, and understood – IT’S AN EXERCISE : YOU are truly blessed… please share your thoughts in the comment section).

And Me, After an Exceedingly Challenging Time in Penning This Particular Blog Post, Is Off to Quaff Some Champagne !  and Reflect!  I Wish Every Single Person Reading This Post an Exceptional Journey and Fulfilling Life #Blessings2Uall xx